I decided to make a CD - my first - just prior to retiring from my job in February 2020. I chose songs that I have loved to listen to and to sing from different periods of my life, regardless of genre. By March, the Covid-19 pandemic had shut everything down. Silver lining: plenty of time to prepare! I finally hit the recording studio with my musical director/pianist, Tedd Firth, and fabulous band (Mark McLean on drums, Phil Palumbi on bass, Nathan Childers on woodwinds, and Pete Smith on guitar),  in November 2020. We continued the recording process during the historic insanity of the presidential election and its aftermath, and wound it up as spring crept in.

From my cabaret show, "Feels Right," 2014.

From my cabaret show, "Oh, My Goddess!," 2015. Dan Furman, piano; Tom Hubbard, bass.

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